Pöstli Grill ASADO Nights

Our Gourmet Week "AZADO" offers visitors of the Pöstli GRILL a stylish yet relaxed dining experience. With the menu consisting of small plates bursting with traditional South American GRILL specialities, the emphasis is on sharing and spending time with family and friends.

Our Latin American GRILL (AZADO) menus are a refined take on the traditional Churrasco. Premium cuts of meat, prepared by highly skilled passadors are presented to diners at the table before the meat is perfectly sliced onto a sizzling hot plate, ready to enjoy.

The remainder of the menu has been designed with flexibility in mind and encourages diners to sample the range of new and exotic dishes on offer, each bursting with unique flavours.

Our Latin American Weeks welcomes our guests to an unforgettable experience at the Pöstli GRILL.