Swissalpine Marathon Davos


Offering a variety of routes and categories, the Swissalpine Marathon attracts the ambitious, hobbyists and beginners of all ages. As even the youngest enthusiast is catered for, this race experience has become a family event. Take a deep breath and dive into an unforgettable experience.

The area of Davos / Bergün is full of contrasts, and its diversity is one of its greatest treasures. Nature has remained untouched and time appears to have stopped! Its long history lives side by side with the excitement of the future, building another unique facet of this region.

Choose your preferred running category and join a vibrant race full of colour. Experience the marvellous and captivating countryside and places where the grandeur of the landscape is rivalled only by the majesty of the mountains! Along the race track you will develop a new passion for the imposing mountain scenery surrounded by fairytale forests, deep canyons, secluded areas and rural villages.