Best Price Guarantee

We promise…,

that the prices offered on our website will be the best available rate anywhere. Should you find a lower rate for our hotels online after booking with us, we will change the rate to the cheaper one.

Terms & Conditions

  • A claim must be submitted within 24 hours after making the initial reservation through our central reservation. The Best Rate Promise does not apply to any reservation made within 48 hours of arrival.The initial reservation means the original reservation made does not include modified or cancelled reservations.
  • The Competing Rate (Bed & Breakfast) must be for the same hotel, room type, rate, number of persons per room and dates of stay.
  • The Competing Rate must be bookable on another Website. Advertised or enquiry only rates do not qualify. The Best Price Promise does not apply to rates found offline, corporate rates, group rates, direct mails or email solicitations.
  • We reserve the right to deny a claim if the availability of the Competing Rate cannot be independently verified at the time we process the claim.
  • The Best Rate Promise does not apply to package rates. Package rates include hotel accommodation sold alone or as part of a travel package in which the hotel does or does not provide all services and hotel accommodation sold with additional amenities.
  • The Best Rate Promise does not apply to taxes, gratuities or any additional charges or fees that may apply to your participants' stay.
  • If the Competing Rate is in a different currency from the rate booked on the Morosani website, the Competing Rate will be converted into the same currency as the rate offered on our website using the exchange rate as published on our website. If the rate discrepancy is solely due to the currency exchange calculations, we reserve the right to deny the claim.
  • We may deny a claim where the difference between the rates is less than 1%.
  • We reserve the right to revise, amend or discontinue the Best Rate Promise at any time at our discretion. This will not affect claims which have already been submitted to us in accordance with the Terms & Conditions.