Our Story

Rich in History. Year after year, generation after generation. Our hotels are something very special. Founded on simple traditions. The treasures of family, friends, culinary arts and nature. Built on genuine warmth and hospitality. So much of the world has changed in the passing years. But not the essence of our Morosani Spirit.


Bernado Morosani (1821-1864) was born in Brussio and was one of many of his generation who left Grisons/Graubünden (region in eastern Switzerland) to go abroad to find their fortunes. In Angers, the main city of the Maine-et-Loire province in France, he owned a bakery and pastry shop. Lorenz Prader (1800-1859) had also emigrated from Davos and was in the same trade as Bernado in Orleans. So it came about that Bernado met Lorenz’s daughter and married her.

After their marriage, on 24.9.1852, Anton I was born. After the death of his mother in 1859, he was sent to Davos to live with his grandmother Christina Sprecher (1804-1867). He would grow up in Davos and attend the local school. Later he attended the commercial department of the Kantonalschule in Chur. Having completed his training, he returned to Angers to take over his father’s business. However, the climate there didn’t suit him and he soon returned to Davos.

In 1874 he married Ursula Fopp. With his new brother-in-law, Hans Fopp, he set up a coaching inn. The post bus travelled over the Flüela Pass and to Landquart and was extremely successful until 1889 when the RhB railway came to Davos. After 1891, Anton I carried on the business alone. After becoming a naturalised Swiss citizen in 1905, he broadened his interests to include selling coal and, later, a garage and car rental business.
In addition, Anton I was a founding member of the Loge Humanitas. The Davos regional council elected him a major and he became the commander of a Graubünden battalion. With his hard work and commitment, Anton I contributed greatly to the growth of Davos as a health resort.

1906 - The little friendly hotel

In 1906 he bought for his son, Anton II, the Hotel zur Post, as a kind of wedding present, since it Anton II married Berta Sulser (1884-1972) at that time. Together with his wife, Anton II improved and enlarged the hotel. He loved sport and was naturally cheerful. However, at the time of the First World War, he contracted an eye disease from which he would never recover.
On 20.6.1907 Anton III was born, as the oldest of three children. While his parents were enlarging the hotel, Anton III attended school in Davos and later gained a diploma in Commerce in Zurich. Further training came at the Catering College in Lucerne. Alongside his career, Anton III was also an active sportsman. He played several seasons of ice hockey for GC, and after his return to Davos 2 more years for HCD. In 1928 he was selected for the national team and took part in the winter Olympics in St. Moritz. In the game against the Canadian team, Anton III scored the first ever goal by a European team that the Canadians had let in.

1933 - The legend grows

On 6.4.1933 Anton I died at the age of 81. On 28.5.1934, on the recommendation of the famous hotelier E. Prager, Anton III applied for the job of director at the Grand Hotel Belvedere in Davos. Shortly afterwards his selection was confirmed. In the same year, Anton II would die from his eye disease After the redevelopment of the Belvedere in 1947, new share capital came up for sale which Anton III succeeded in acquiring, becoming majority shareholder. With this he became the owner of the Belvedere. In 1952, he was also able to buy the Hotel Schweizerhof.

For a long time Anton III was also very active in politics. For 21 years he was a member of the “Kleines Landesrat” (local council), and was awarded accolades during his 6 periods in office with the Bündner “Grosses Rat” (regional council). For many years he was a member of the board of the Transport and Hoteliers Association, the Swiss Transport Office, the Swiss Ski Association and the Davos Tourist Board. He was also co-initiator and, for many years, President of the Jakobshorn mountain railway company.

On 5.9.1936 Anton III married Anna Gredig (21.12.1911). Anna and Anton III went on to bring three children into the world; Ursula (3.4.1938), Anton IV (3.2.1940) und Marina (25.2.1943). Anton IV attended school in Davos, and took his diploma in Commerce at the SAMD (Davos middle school) in 1957. He then went on to Catering College in Lausanne. In the autumn of 1966 Toni took over as director of the Belvedere, which he managed until 1980.


In 1981 Toni III and Toni IV sold the Belvedere. From now on the Pöstli and Schweizerhof would be managed by a Supervisory Board. Anton IV’s marriage to Helga Magione produced 2 children, Toni V (Anton C.) and Roberto.

2004 - The next Generation

In 2004 Anton C. Morosani (Toni V) and his wife Gianna Morosani took over management of the Morosani Schweizerhof. In 2005 they also became managers of the Posthotel, now representing the fifth generation of the Morosani family in Davos.

In 2005/06

the Schweizerhof lobby area and restaurant were refurbished. The renowned Pöstli Night Club was revitalised. The new 50-seat fondue restaurant "La Cave", serving cheese specialities, opened its doors.

In 2007

the Schweizerhof entered its second renovation phase: 36 rooms were refurbished and 20 bathroom completely renovated: the Pöstli Club was enlarged and its mezzanine with a second bar opened.


In 2008 a new revival took place at the Posthotel. The Pöstli Corner bistro, bar and take-away was redesigned and opened for business, with contemporary interior design and fresh food. The lobby area and front office of the hotel were modernised.


For the summer season '09 the Schweizerhof remained closed. In a major construction project, it was extended, at a cost of 15 million francs: 15 new junior suites, 400m2 conference space, 300m2 wellness area and a garden with terrace are the new highlights at the Morosani Hotels Davos.


In 2011 the well-known „Pöstli Residenz“ turns into the MOROSANI DESIGNHOTEL FIFTYONE ****.
The Room Only Hotel - 24 newly furnished double rooms will be equipped with premium accessories like 42” LCD TV’s, media hub, WIFI and TV/Radio in all bathrooms.


Between 2013-15 the room at the Moroasani Schweizerhof were refurbished with love to detail, becoming one of the most beatiful rooms to stay in Davos. The rooms of Haus Poschiavo and Main Building were also upgraded during this period. The bathrooms at the Poshotel were completely renovated.


In 2015 the younger generation opend two new restaurants in Davos: DAMORO, Alta Cucina Italiana in Morosani Schweizerhof and the new Pöstli GRILL, with a show (open) Kitchen at the Morosani Posthotel.

In 2016 the Morosani Posthotel celebrated its 110 years. The family, team and friends honoured this occassion with a big event. The Pöstli Bar war refurbished to become The Pöstli Lounge.